Sandwich Harbour

Unspoiled Haven

A 50km scenic 4×4 drive takes you to one of the most photogenic places in Namibia. A place with red beaches and waves running up dunes depending on the tide. On windy days, the sand plays patterns on the dunes and during late afternoons the shadows change it to one of the seven natural wonders on earth. Sandwich Harbour is a natural bay that has awed and inspired many a visitor and traveller. With its rolling dunes falling into the ocean and the large lagoon, this unspoiled bay is a haven for birds and marine life, while creating the most amazing feeling of grandeur and beauty in such a stark environment.

The bay also has a very interesting history when Namibia was still known as South-West Africa and a German Colony, but that we will share with you when you join us on a visit to Sandwhich Harbour.

Enjoy lunch with a glass of wine or an ice cold beer on top of a dune overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The secret is peace, tranquillity and timelessness.

What to see on the route:

We depart from the Photo Ventures office at 8h30 and our first stop is the Walvis Bay Lagoon, a Ramsar site with an abundance of bird life, known for its big population of Flamingos. Your guide will point out the different birds. From there we depart to the top of a dune overlooking the salt mine… colours, colours and more colours!!! After our stop we drive through the Kuiseb Delta, a dry river covered with hardy desert vegetation changing to open salt pans until we reach the Namib Naukluft Park border, our first interdiction to the Atlantic Ocean. From here we stick to the beach and stop at all interesting sightings, fishermen, birds, shells, seals and many more.

As we continue driving, the dunes reach closer to the ocean creating an experience of a lifetime. DUNE DRIVING - Up to 45m!

Other interesting sights:

  • Ample Bird life and if lucky the Dune Lark
  • Black-back Jackal
  • Springbuck
  • Ostrich
  • And a variety of desert adapted plants


Topnaar Tours

Topnaar 4x4 Tour

The Topnaar drive is a 2-3 hour scenic and educational drive. Depart from the Photo Ventures office and our first stop is the Walvis Bay Lagoon, a must for the keen bird watcher. More than a hundred bird species and the biggest population of Flamingos in Southern Africa. Our next stop is the Walvis Bay Salt works, colours, colours, colours!

This also is our first introduction to dune driving, an unforgettable experience of which you will still talk about for the rest of your holiday. The package offered is scenery, adventure, traditional people, wildlife and a million photo opportunities.

And last but not least, the Topnaar tribe, a semi nomadic tribe, an offshoot of the Nama tribe and part of the Khoisan genetic group. There are 2 Topnaar groups, the Southern #Aonin group and the Northern !Gomén group. The !Gomén Topnaars settled close to Sesfontein and the #Aonin Topnaars at the mouth of the Kuiseb River. They live a life that relies on herding goats, but also are also adapted to the dry coastal desert environment of the Namib. The relatively rich plant life of the Kuiseb River Valley provided them with additional sources of food, particularly the well-known !Nara melon.


Topnaar Quad Bike Tour

The Topnaar route is a 2 hour scenic and educational drive. We depart from the Photo Ventures' office which would give you the chance to get used to the quads before we get to the dunes. It would take approximately 3-4 minutes to reach the dunes. Once we reach the dunes, a whole new world opens up with beautiful landscapes, magical colours and the unbelievable life of animals and people and their survival in the desert.

This tour would offer you an unforgettable experience of which you would still talk about for the rest of your holiday. The package offered is scenery, adventure, traditional people wildlife and a million photo opportunities.

What is to be seen on route:

  • Abundance of birdlife at the Walvis Bay Lagoon. And if lucky, the Dune Lark in the dunes.
  • Ancient animal footprints from the time when the Kuiseb Delta had a lot more water.
  • Desert vegetation, plants adapted to survive in extreme conditions and plants known as the survival of the Namib, the !Nara melon.
  • Wildlife, not the Big Five but a very interesting Small Five. Lizards, geckos, scorpions, snakes and many more.


Dolphin & Seal Tours

Making Memories

Sit back and enjoy breath-taking views while dolphins swim alongside the boat and inquisitive pelicans fly alongside ready for inspection. Just as you relax a seal jumps on board for a treat in exchange for some great entertainment. The greatest asset of this tour is that Levo Tours believes in personal one-on-one contact and we guarantee your guide will put a smile on your face.

We further treat you with fresh oysters, champagne, beer, cool drinks / juices and snack platters. Although we guarantee an exhilarating experience, we do not enter rough seas.

  • Operated daily: Monday through Sunday
  • Depart: 08h30 from the Walvis Bay Tanker Jetty


Kayak Tours

Eco Friendly Adventure

Namibia Kayak Tours specializes in tours to Pelican point, visiting the Cape Fur Seal colony, accompanied by dolphins, pelicans, cormorants and other friendly marine and bird life. All tours start early in the morning, due to the fact that the prevailing weather conditions in Walvis Bay offer a calm period up to about 1pm.

The early afternoon sees the start of increasing wind strength from the south-west which makes kayaking very uncomfortable in the lagoon. A prompt early start each morning helps us cover the full range of sights to be seen.

Pelican Point Tour

Experience the 40km drive with Craig to Pelican Point across the oceans’ edge of the Namib Desert. Here we start kayaking past the lighthouse, around Pelican Point to the seal colonies.
Excellent bird viewing is available, delightful seals, and Heavyside Dolphins come to play around your kayak.

  • Duration : 5-6 hours (Kayaking 2 - 2.5 hours)
  • Departure time: 07.30 am. This early start is to allow for the fact that the wind in Walvis Bay tends to start to increase during the late morning early afternoon and an early start allows for maximum kayaking time.
  • Kayaks: Single and double seater
  • Departure Point: Photo Ventures Booking Office, c/o Union Road and 5th Road
  • Minimum persons 2
  • Maximum persons 12
  • No prior kayaking experience required
  • Refreshments provided : Tea, coffee & brötchens (sandwiches)

Safety and other features provided by Namibia Kayak Tours include:

  • Safe kayaks with paddles
  • Compass (Tour guide only)
  • Whistle (Tour guide only)
  • Flares (Tour guide only)
  • Personal Floating Device (PFD)
  • Mobile Phone Communication (On land)
  • Radio Communication (On water)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Towrope
  • Bottled water on each kayak
  • Dry bag for your camera
  • Craig holds a valid First Aid Certificate

Craig will also take your photo whilst out kayaking and e-mail copies to you (free of charge), your record of a kayaking experience not to be forgotten. Prices and availability for all tours are available on request. Advance bookings must be made to guarantee availability of your chosen trip.

Combo Kayaking/Sandwich-harbour tour

Morning kayaking with Namibia Kayak Tours combined with an afternoon 4×4 excursion to Sandwich Harbour with Photo Ventures Namibia.

  • 07h45 – 11h30 Kayaking at Pelican Point (Namibia Kayak Tours)
  • 11h30 – 16h30 Sandwich Harbour 4×4 Excursion (Photo Ventures Namibia)

Highlights of this combo tour inlcude:

Excellent bird viewing, kayaking amongst Cape Fur Seals, Heavyside Dolphins etc.
Flamingos, Saltpans, Kuiseb River Delta, Sandwich Harbour, Dune Driving, Roaring Dunes, Desert Fauna and Flora.


Beach & Deep Sea Fishing

Gone Fishing!

The Namibian coast is world renowned for its commercial fishing industry as well as its recreational angling spots. Anglers from all over the world flock to the coast to try their hand at fishing, whether from a ski boat or from the beach. Many anglers are tempted to wrestle with a strong Bronzy Whaler or Copper Shark or to catch the largest cob (kabeljou).

Ski-boat Fishing

Fishing by Ski-boat last for approximately 6 hours. This tour takes place between Vierkantklip and Mile 14. All fishing gear, bait and tackle are provided. Lunchboxes and refreshments are also included.

  • Depart: 08h00 (Swakopmund Mole, you will be collected at your accommodation establishment)
  • Return: 15h00

Large variety of fish can be caught, e.g. Kabeljou (cob), Steenbras, Black tail, Barbel, Spotted Gully shark and Hound shark. 

Deep Sea Fishing

  • Depart: 08h00 (Swakopmund Mole, you will be collected at your accommodation establishment)
  • Return: 15h00

This tour is ONLY available during November to March. Snoek and Yellow tail are caught approximately 40 – 60km from shore.
All fishing gear, bait and tackle are provided. Lunchboxes and refreshments are also included.

Enjoy the perfect angling experience.

Beach Fishing

  • Depart: 08h00 (You will be collected at your accommodation establishment)
  • Return: 15h00

This tour takes place between Swakopmund and Mile 108.
Different species can be caught such as Kabeljou, Steenbras, Blacktail and Galjoen. A variety of shark such as Copper shark (weighing up to 160kg), Spotted Gully shark and Hound shark can be caught.
Edible fish caught are cleaned and packed for you to take along and enjoy. All fishing gear, bait and tackle are provided.
Lunchboxes and refreshments are also included.

Upon request, we also cater for a small informal beach braai. Nothing beats the taste of freshly caught fish on the grill!


Sand Boarding Dune 7

What a Thrill!

Situated along the central coast of Namibia is Dune 7, the highest dune in the coastal dune belt, it is situated 10km outside the town of Walvis Bay. The local municipality has planted palm trees and erected toilets and barbeque sites, fresh water is also available, it is the only man-made oasis in the dune belt.

This site is therefore perfect for sand boarding tours; the dune is approximately 130m high and has a very steep slip-face consisting of soft powder like sand, ideal for sand boarding. A quad bike is used to shuttle boarders to the top of the dune again and again (like a ski-lift). All gear, drinks, fruit and a quad bike is supplied. No experience is needed and you will be instructed by a professional instructor.

If you have old bindings and soft snowboard boots bring them along and we will take you sand boarding free of charge!