The Company

Photo Ventures Namibia CC was established in 2009 by Herman Neethling, and is a registered Tour Operator with the Namibian Tourism Board. The core focus of our company is to provide educational, photography and sightseeing tours in the Namib Desert as well as ocean excursions.

Herman Neethling has been involved in the Namibian tourism industry for a number of years after running two petrol service stations in Walvis Bay for 14 years. He has worked closely with a retired nature conservation field-guide, Pieter Brichford who worked in the Namib Naukluft Park for many years. Herman gained extensive experience in his field through conducting a great number of overland tours across Namibia as well as in and around Swakopmund and Walvis Bay.

Our tours are not adrenaline rides and we do not condone wild and reckless driving in the desert areas. We also ensure that we do not drive in vegetated or environmentally and culturally sensitive areas. Visitors also walk on specific parts of the track, and no vegetation, fauna or other features in the desert are disturbed, moved or picked up.

Our tours concentrate on the photographic and educational elements of the desert. Realizing the need for centralized information about tourism activities in the Walvis Bay district, Photo Ventures setup a tourist information centre as part of their tour booking office. The centre was completed to the tune of more than N$2 million and is located at the south end of Union Rd, Walvis Bay. Since its inception the centre has become the first stop for all visitors and tourists seeking information about Walvis Bay. The centre soon expanded and currently houses the information centre, a booking office, a coffee shop, a cultural office as well as office space for other tour operators.

Our Services

Photo Ventures Namibia provides tailor-made educational, environmentally-friendly, controlled and guided photographic and scenic tours in the Kuiseb Delta and Namib Desert areas. These tours are not adrenalin rides, and every care is taken to ensure that the tour has little to zero impact on the environment. This not only creates more awareness of the unique and fragile environment of the delta and the Namib Desert, but presents photographers from all over the world an opportunity to take breath-taking photos. This promotes both Walvis Bay and Namibia as an eco-tourism destination.

Photo Ventures Namibia is committed to responsible tourism and nature conservation through sustainable exploitation of natural resources.

We use four-wheel-drive vehicles (5) and quad bikes (20). All quads bikes are clearly marked and registered. Vehicles are also equipped with first aid kits, GPS devices and a variety of safety gear and tools.


Photo Ventures Namibia also actively engages the local Topnaar community in their tour activities. Environmental education is one of the core aims of our services. Seeing that most of the tours are in the Kuiseb Delta area and reaches Sandwich Harbour, involving the Topnaar community was an obvious decision. Photo Ventures benefits from the Topnaars’ rich knowledge of the desert, whilst the tourists support the Topnaars through buying their crafts. Topnaar guides are also trained to assist with the tours, thus creating job opportunities for the local community.

Apart from tour and information services, Photo Ventures Namibia has also been instrumental in fostering closer cooperation amongst local tour operators in order to market Walvis Bay as an adventure and tourism destination. Good relations have been established amongst tour operators, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, conservation groups, the Municipality of Walvis Bay and other stakeholders.

The #Aonin (Topnaar-Nama) Historic and Cultural Heritage Foundation also supports the aims and services of Photo Ventures Namibia.